Free WHOIS Lookup Tool!

Extract WHOIS info and check domain name availability.

Easily lookup background information on domains! Extract expiry dates, creation dates, registrar names, owner information and more. This data can be useful when trying to contact domain administrators, or trying to buy an expiring domain. No captcha needed!

Supported TLD's include .com | .net | .org | .info | .biz | | .ca |

What is a "WHOIS search" and what does this tool do?

By doing a WHOIS search on a website, you will be able to view certain background information about that specific domain. Things like it's age, expiry date, owner information (sometimes) and more. Why sometimes? If a domain owner has a "WHOIS guard" enabled for that domain, personal information will be hidden from WHOIS lookups. Registrars charge domain owners a small fee for the WHOIS guard (usually just a few bucks a year... use coupons!).