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Backlink Generator FAQ

  • How does our Backlink Generator work?

  • As explained above, backlinks are the key to increasing your rank on many search engines. When you use BackLinkr, we automatically create, build, and generate hyperlinks to your website on other high quality webpages across the world. Once these pages are created, Google and other spiders will crawl the newly created page and see that it has a link to your website on it, the more of these links it finds, the more popular it determines your website is, thus increasing your page rank! Simple, right?

  • Why use our Backlink Generator?

  • BackLinkr was created for website owners who want to get their website indexed faster, period. What separates us from others? Simply the fact that we only submit to the highest quality websites, insuring you only get the best backlinks to your webpage. We constantly check which sites we are submitting to, always updating and removing invalid pages.

  • What is the difference between "All Websites" and "Premium Websites"?

  • While all of the websites we submit to are excellent quality, we give users the option to strictly pick our absolute best quality websites. It's faster, and good for those who only want to submit to a small list at once.

  • How do I use this generator?

  • We will have you generating and building high quality backlinks in no time, it couldn't be easier! Just follow the steps below:

    1. Visit the homepage of BackLinkr and input the main page of your website
    2. Pick whether you would like to submit to to All Available websites or strictly the Premium Websites, then click "Submit »"
    3. BackLinkr will begin to automatically generate backlinks for your website on hundreds of high quality webpages across the world, right in front of your eyes
    4. Wait until the "Done!" message is displayed and that is it! After some time your website page rank should begin to improve
    5. Keep in mind that using this free tool in combination with other SEO services is always recommended for optimal results

Meta Tag Extractor FAQ

  • What are meta tags and what does this tool do?

  • To learn about meta tags, visit this page. This simple but powerful tool allows users to quickly extract meta tags from any valid page on the web. Users can preview what that page would look like on Google's search results, count characters to ensure tags aren't too long, and tweak everything for perfect SEO!

  • How do you use our Meta Tag Extractor?

    1. Navigate to our Meta Tag Extractor
    2. Type a properly formatted URL in the text box
    3. Click "Extract Meta Tags »"
    4. After a few seconds, the page will scroll down and your results will be displayed

Keyword Tool FAQ

  • What are keywords and what does this tool do?

  • To learn about keywords, visit this page. Our keyword tool is still under construction, but it's purpose is to analyze text within a page or paragraph and give you the most popular keywords, as well as a basic description of it's content!

  • How do you use our Keyword Tool?

    1. Head to our Keyword Tool
    2. Insert some text or a URL into the text box
    3. Click "Analyze Keywords »"
    4. Wait a few seconds and the results will appear

Character Counter FAQ

  • What does our Character Counter do?

  • It's all in the name! This awesome tool will instantly count how many characters, spaces, numbers and letters are within a paragraph of text.

  • How do you use our Character Counter?

  • We're willing to bet you don't actually need help using this tool, but for consistencies sake...

    1. Go to our Character Counter tool
    2. Type or paste some text into the text box
    3. Instantly all characters, spaces, numbers and letters are counted


  • What is "WHOIS info" and what does this tool do?

  • To learn about WHOIS info, visit this page. Our WHOIS lookup tool allows users to quickly check a domains availability as well as do an instant WHOIS lookup on it.

  • How do you use our WHOIS Lookup tool?

    1. Visit our WHOIS Lookup tool
    2. Type a URL
    3. Click "Lookup WHOIS »"
    4. Within seconds the page will scroll down and display the results